In the last Fighting Carbine Course I gave the guys an opportunity to get hands on with the latest n’ greatest in Night Operating Devices (NODs). Its come a long way since my first days of running the PVS-7D in Iraq, and even though those can and still get the job done (and are light years better than having nothing), the tech advances since then put it to shame hands down. Seeing is believing- here’s a side by side with my old PVS-14 and the new white phosphor version:

Not bad. We can clearly make out fine details out to about 100m with little natural illumination. Let’s take a look at the white phosphor:

White phosphor clearly wins, no questions asked. But that said, there’s other advantages that you can’t really get from just pictures- depth perception is far better with white phosphor, and there’s none of the eye fatigue I’m used to from working under the old green NODs.

I’m scheduling a Carbine Course this summer that is going to include a night shoot under NODs. If you don’t have a set, I’ll have mine on hand for you to get familiar with.

Because if you can fight at night when your enemies can’t, you’ve won before the battle started. Own the night. Get your set today.



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