Its always an honor to get student feedback and I post it when I can. The Way of the Warrior is in training. -NCS


Just wanted to say thinks for the training. The information and training drills were so much more than I expected. I liked the fact that you weren’t big on all the flash and fancy speed drills that so many others are teaching. I believe you gave us a damn solid foundation to build on and to be able to take what we learned and teach others at home. You taught us how to do work and be effective with just a small amount of training. Speaking for myself, I gained a hell of a lot of confidence in myself to train and be a force to be reckoned with. I am a firm believer now that if you are just buying guns and ammo and not training then you will be a waste when something actually happens. Look forward to training with you again soon and me and Jay will keep it up on our side.

Thanks again,

Mike D

What is your training schedule looking like?

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