I attended the Bedford County, VA militia muster today, though I am not from Bedford County. Driving over I was hoping for the best, but I wasn’t sure how it would go because I had heard that a nearby county muster had a poor turnout. I was immediately encouraged when I pulled into the parade ground and saw no parking spaces left! I had to park on the grass and walk a good distance (I didn’t mind). When I came over the hill and started down to the field I was met with a beautiful sight. There were a couple hundred people milling about waiting to form up.

The leaders organized everyone into at least 5 groups of 50 militiamen each, with a partial 6th group. The photo above came from the WSET TV website and does not show but three of the groups. There were probably at least 100 onlookers like me. In total there were easily 400 people there. Many continued to drift in while I was there.

A citizen-leader spoke for about 10 minutes, reminding everyone of both the US and VA Constitution and how those currently running things have abused their power similar to tyrants of the past. I thought it was a great speech. He said that they were in talks with the county sheriff. I saw zero uniformed policemen there. People were very polite, and I saw no trash or bad behavior of any kind. It was a very encouraging event. The next step will be training those who came out.