Thinking back a few years to the debate behind Obamacare and socialized medicine in general, long being a rally cry of the Left and a political platform of every candidate running for the Democrat nomination, one of the chief criticisms regarded the creation of scarcity, care rationing, and at its most ominous, death panels. We were promised- assured– that no such thing was remotely possible. Told we were crazy for even thinking such a thing possible.

And while each of those have been proven true, the Left continues beating its drums in a criticism of the best health care system in the world as somehow only favoring the rich. Amid those cries were subtle admissions among the leaders of the Left to their admirations of Chinese-style communism and in particular, mass murderer Mao Zedong. Biden’s adviser Anita Dunn famously stated he was one of her favorite philosophers. Elizabeth Warren once claimed (she’s claimed a lot or bullshit to be honest) to be to the ‘left of Chairman Mao”.

And to anyone involved in academia, its an open secret that many academics in the humanities idolize China as the model of the future. The very same who decry an American justice system as systematically unfair and rail against the cruelty of a death penalty celebrate a man who murdered over 60 million.

What exactly does this glorious model hold? Let’s take a look:

Looks great. Wait- where’s Charlton Heston? I thought this was Soylent Green.

Its not. It’s real. And the real reason for the death toll may have little to do with the virus itself but for the fact that they’re leaving their people to die (if not killing them outright). Socialized medicine places a value on you based on your future value to society. Sorry old folks, you’ve only got a couple of years left and are a net drain. Here’s some soma, best of luck. China, like all Marxists, are a nation based on relative morality. That is to say, no morality at all. And the fact that anyone thinks this dystopia looks appealing is perhaps more appalling than the very idea itself.