Yes, the nCoV-2019 virus is scary however it is 10,000-miles away right? Granted China is trying to put the tooth paste back into the tube by closing regions and at this typing Disneyland Shanghai has been closed. As we watch from afar as more regions, cities, ports, manufactures, Starbucks, McDonald’s, et cetera shut down, how will that affect the WORLDS economy? Watching PM’s going forward may be our crystal ball.

Gold is up ~$50- January 2020 over December 2019. It closed $1,581- Sunday. Once it rises and stays above $1,600- the game is afoot Watson! The highest gold price I have seen in my lifetime was in August 2011 at $1,800- an ounce.

Gold 10-Year

Silver is next for a similar Bull run. May 2011 ~$45- today just short of $18- an ounce Sunday. Maybe it’s time to buy some “junk silver”.

Silver 10-Year

Then looking worldwide; in 2017 China exported $2.097T worth of goods. What happens to the world if 25, 50, or a higher percent of exports from China are curtailed? Wally World may have to close in your neighborhood. Dollar Stores will become Ten Dollar Stores. LOL…You get the idea.

Then think locally. How many of the local manufactures around your AO rely on Chinese steel, car parts, clothing, widgets, et cetera to produce whatever they are selling here in the USofA? Being a plant manager or CEO of a company, I would start the planning process for laying off workers. Heck, the largest expense any company has is payroll (Salary+taxes+health insurance+unemployment insurance+workman’s compensation+etc.).

I hope you can see the chain reaction from the first nCoV sneeze in Wuhan City China to the day you and millions of others round the globe receive their pink slip.

Do not let normalcy bias continue. Start planning now for the inevitable folks. If you can pay down those credit cards do it. Start planning a 2020 victory garden today. If you have the space and your local laws allow it, start raising chickens. A dozen can keep two people in eggs daily with a few extra to sell. If you have space, raising rabbits is very easy. If you live in a rural area, have a couple neighbors get together and raise pigs. One 180 pound pig could keep two adults in protein for 6-months. Add to the pigs a milking cow and you will have 2 to 3-gallons of milk a day. You do not have to do it alone. That is why you have built a neighborhood community…Right?

It is up to the AP readership to keep an eye on PM prices, the stock market, shortages on the shelves, et cetera and adjust as needed to meet the canary dying in the coal mine. Start the planning process today and come up with a list of “what ifs”. Once that is done, then make plans to meet each “what if”. Do not be the person who just watches but never acts. Remember, normalcy bias will get you and your love-ones killed.

On that pleasant note, 73 & God Bless Brothers & Sisters.

Freedom Through Self-Reliance®


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