The two guys who make up the ADVChina YouTube channel (“Adventure China” with a third of a million subscribers) have spent the past few years touring China on motorcycles, giving them a very unique viewpoint. Last fall they left when the anti-foreigner repression of the Communist police state was getting to be too much to deal with, but they still have great contacts inside the country. They cut this video while biking around Mexico, feeling a moral duty to convey their insights to the world. In many ways they correlate with my American Partisan piece from last week titled “Will China Win the Pandemic World War?

I hope you will listen to the entire video, despite the poor audio quality. For convenience, I transcribed a key section starting at about 25 minutes. Remember, these two very smart young guys have spent years trying to understand China down at the street and village level, and their understanding is important to understanding China’s “long game.”

“When you listen to the lies of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), and you use that as a  benchmark, then you (people in other countries) don’t prepare. ‘Oh, it’s not that bad.’ Guess what, it’s really bad. Now it’s hit America, it’s going to get bad there, America has to wake up! America has to start testing people for free, not charging them three and a half grand for tests, that’s just going to  screw the whole system up. And we have to see where this goes (outside China). Right now, Singapore is a very good source of information. They are really reporting their numbers correctly. South Korea as well, South Korea is on top of it. Taiwan’s done great. There’s a lot of places we can look at, so now we can see real data from credible sources, we’ll be able to figure things out. So I guess by April the initial incubation period should have passed for the people who are going to get infected in those places (outside of China).”

“I’m not a virologist, but I think it’s going to get much worse before it gets much better, and it’s a critical point for people to understand how China misrepresented their numbers, because the rest of the world prepared based on their numbers. And you know who’s more at fault? Because we all know how evil the CCP is. You know who is more at fault? The W.H.O., to go within China and still say it’s not a pandemic status. (To say) still don’t restrict travel, because that’s racist.”

“But it’s actually pandemic status according to the CDC, and other various guidelines, it’s been pandemic status for ages.”

“But the W.H.O. and the Chinese government will say the CDC is biased toward Americans.”

“So now, the W.H.O. is saying we’re just not going to use the word pandemic because it sounds bad, even though it is.”

“They need a spank on the butt, those guys are such assholes.”

“They need to be disbanded.”

“And right now they’re (the W.H.O.) listed under our video, even thought we make no money (on these videos). They are getting paid by the Chinese government, let’s be honest. Mr. Tedros is a Communist anyway. (Dr. Tedros Adhanom, the Ethiopian head of the W.H.O.) Tedros is just sucking the ______of Xi Jinping, and he is making a big mistake, and misrepresenting this virus to the world, just because he is buddy buddy with the leadership of China.”

“But the Chinese government is so goddamn smart, to know how to play the long game. They best thing that could have happened for China, is for this not to ravage China itself, but to spread it around the world, because now they can point fingers elsewhere. This is the nightmare, they’re going to come out on top.”


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