Woke up this morning at 0430 hrs and the house felt cold, so I dragged my butt out of bed and armed with a flashlight walked into the great room to check the temperature. It was 29-degrees outside and 64-degrees inside. The temperature when we went to bed was in the high 50’s so I did not add wood to the few coals we had in the wood stove.

My dog Dorothy and I got the wood stove going and I took a seat in my La-Z-Boy while Dorothy laid at my feet. We watched the fire take hold with the wood stoves door slightly ajar to help the new fire catch. As we sat there in the fire lite room, I asked the good Lord what else could we do. As always happens when I ask for the Lords help in a quiet moment he came back with this message – Make a List!

This drama in our lives has a meaning and I think that the Lord is giving us an opportunity to plan for the big one coming down the pike. This drama is a precursor of what is coming next and we need to make a list of where our preps have fallen short. It is kind of a test and we all learn from a test or exam. When we leave the classroom following an exam and subsequently the grade we receive, we know where we have fallen short in our studies and plan accordingly for future study and testing.

Got up out of my La-Z-Boy. Closed the door to the wood stove as the fire was roaring. Turned on the light in the kitchen and made a welcoming pot of coffee. Then fed Dorothy who was waiting patiently by her bowel along with the outside cats. Once my morning chores complete and coffee mug in hand, I grabbed a tablet and started my list. The list that the Lord wanted me to start compiling. The list started with,

  • Have in stock more Aladdin lamp wicks and mantels
  • Have on hand more garlic
  • Pick up a few extra group 27 deep cycle batteries
  • Pick up a few extra CR 1632 and CR 123A Batteries
  • Order next winter heat ala another triaxle load of logs…

…And the list continued and will continue through-out this media made crisis.

I encourage all the readers here at American Partisan that once you finish this short article is to start your families list. The toughest part of doing anything like taking a journey, starting a new project, or making a list, is the first step.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – Lao Tzu

73 & God Bless!

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