The Scout Course is a small team tactical course which develops individual and team skills in a real-world tactical environment. Students begin with a marksmanship course that takes their skills as Riflemen to the next level, engaging man-sized steel targets at 500 meters with the AR-15. From there, they learn to stalk and evade, ambush and raid, day and night, working against an experienced OPFOR constantly hunting them to give the most realistic combat experience possible. This course is lightyears beyond simply running battle drills- it teaches tactics through real-time successes and failures.

Camp Ware in the distance. 100% off-grid, cedar tobacco barns built in the early 1800s and named for one of General Greene’s Revolutionary Partisans buried on the farm.

These hills have eyes. Students are awaiting clearance to initiate fire on targets and conduct their raid.

Simulated FARP as an objective for the raid.

OPFOR guarding the FARP

Where are they? Even with basic camouflaging skills a small team can vanish in the bush.

Always use the worst terrain as a force multiplier- students move in through thick briars to their final firing positions to cover their infiltration.

Thermal protection- a GI Casualty Blanket, covered with a camo net and ‘vegged up’- vegetation added.

Field expedient camouflaging on a student’s weapon.

PSA GF3 AK as an OPFOR weapon with an East German blank firing adapter. Muddy and beaten up, running just fine.

Waiting in ambush position.

Final firing position in place.

Student pulling security on the ridge for a linear ambush and preparing his own concealment.

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Welcome American Partisans!

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