I had a Law Enforcement friend share this video with me a while back, and while I was revisiting it I thought that the readership of AP would enjoy it as well. I originally watched this video just after I took NC Scout’s CQB Course (an After Action Report can be found here) and I realized that many of the same techniques I learned in that class were on show here. The video was produced by BCM and will get any tactically minded individual all hot and bothered.

I will end with two of the Lessons Learned from the AAR I linked above:

  1. CQB absolutely sucks, particularly if you are the Number One man. If it is at all possible, avoid CQB altogether. Ignore what Hollywood shows you – being a door kicker is exceptionally dangerous. Remember that in this context, we are talking about potential grid-down scenarios where higher levels of medical care may be difficult to come by as a guerilla or partisan fighter, let alone a quick CASEVAC method.
  2. It is not a matter of IF you will take casualties, but rather WHEN you will take casualties. You need to balance that against whatever – or whoever – is in the building. It better be worth it.