As I was searching for the YouTube URL for “The Capability”, a CQB demonstration video from BCM I posted yesterday, I discovered that they had released a new video a week ago called “The Capability II”. This new video depicted some vehicular operations and some team movements involving bounding. I think this demonstration is another video worthy of study. Given the future of conflict as asymmetrical and irregular, these tactics may prove invaluable.

Notice that they are operating not with full kits but with more lowkey set-ups that more closely resemble a civilian attire and potential clandestine kit. If you are in any sort of urban or suburban areas, you may want to take notes on their gear set-ups. A full “go to war” set-up will draw too much attention in the beginning portion of low intensity conflict. Also, note how the High Value Individual (HVI) is being moved by the operators. Finally, be sure to note the importance of the recovery team in this operation as well as their use of a code word to ensure that the team inside knows the friendly team outside has the area secure AND the use of a symbol by the initial team to mark their location (A VS-17 panel is a great tool for this). Without a recovery team, you are doomed from the start. You would be wise to learn the lessons this video teaches.

According to a comment by BCM below the video, they are currently editing a Part Three. When that gets posted, I will be sure to pass the video along.