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Here we are, just over a month after the last Request For Information, and my oh my how the world has changed.

I wanted the AP readership to sound off on what they are seeing in their AOs now that the WuFlu is in full swing as well as any tips for supplies that others might not be thinking of.

Some people have criticized the cost of the products from our newest affiliate, Mira Safety. I will only ask one rhetorical question as an answer: how many of us (including myself) not bat an eye at spending a couple hundred dollars on firearm components but scoff at the idea of getting top of the line CBRN protection that is reusable with new 40mm filters? Just because a mask – hell, even just their 20 year shelf life filters – isn’t the most door-kicking tacticool thing you can buy does NOT mean it is a waste of money. If you cannot afford it, I 100% understand that. But to not even consider such a purchase a good investment is, to this prepper, short sightedness.

American Partisan has received 50% of the gear ordered for the test, and will be writing some review articles when the other half arrives.

  1. My parents went to get a chest freezer from Lowes and they were shocked to find out they were backordered until July. Other places had similar situations. Luckily, they found an upright freezer at PC Richard and Sons and it is being delivered tomorrow.
  2. Gas here is getting so cheap that I went and got a few more 5 gallon gas cans from BJs (they were only $16.99!) and added to the fuel storage.
  3. Tylenol is getting in short supply, and I have heard from clerks that a shortage nationwide is expected.
  4. Meat is still available, but canned goods are taking shockingly long to resupply.
  5. The stores are all requiring face masks to enter and the number of people allowed in the stores at any time is cut by 50%.
  6. So far, almost everyone has been following social distancing and the quarantine and we have not really had a lot of commotion surrounding it. As the weather gets warmer and the North Jersey ilk want to make their way down to their Shore houses, that may change.

Here is an update on stores, starting with warehouse membership stores.

  1. There were plenty of paper products back in stock with strict limits of one item per person.
  2. Meat is available but in reduced quantities.
  3. Canned goods were slim pickings, and pasta was nearly non-existent.
  4. A few big bags of rice were available but all bags of beans were gone.
  5. There was limited restocks of cleaning supplies (i.e. Lysol).

As for the local grocery store, we only went to the smaller one because we could get everything we needed there. We may brave the bigger one tomorrow.

  1. Meat available, but again in small quantities.
  2. Pasta was scarce.
  3. Canned goods were moderately available.
  4. Yeast and flour were gone, suggesting people are baking their own breads.
  5. Fresh stuff was available aside from a few items such as mangoes.

Here are my Requests for Information (RFIs). You don’t have to report prior information, but rather just if the situation has changed (Think of last month’s post as your SALUTE report and these subsequent articles as your SALT reports).

  1. What supplies are low or nonexistent in your AO?
    1. Is there ammo available? Here are some deals we found.
    2. Paper product availability?
  2. What supplies are surprisingly available?
    1. Has the lists of these supplies changed since one month ago?
  3. Have you seen any forms of social unrest in your AO?
    1. How badly has the economics in your area been hit?
  4. What interruptions in public services are you seeing?
    1. Are you seeing the patterns of LEO enforcement changing?
  5. What interruptions in patterns of life are you seeing?
    1. This one is the most obvious, but are you seeing more neighbors talking to each other? Relationships being strengthened?
  6. If comfortable, a general idea of where you are located (vagueness is obviously fine – I mean, AP gets it lol)

Please report in the comments below and share any other similar reports you have seen elsewhere as well.