Well, you did it again. You exceeded my expectations for what I had hoped to learn from your course. I appreciate your excellent instruction and confidence development in the many areas we explored this past weekend. I enjoyed every aspect of scouting and patrolling that you taught. Each area had its own lightbulb realization moment for me. Here are a few:

1). I can trust my carbine to at least 500m.
2). The three S’s of camouflage showed me some things I have been doing wrong by using some black and not having my silhouette properly ‘squared’ away above the shoulders.
3). My stalking skills are perishable and I need to be in environments where I can practice quiet movement more regularly. (Other skills like comms need regular use as well for growth)
4). Less gear is more effective. A very intentional and well thought kit with less weight is a key to success.
5). Optics like NV and FLIR are game changers and more important than boxes of other redundant gear.
6). I need to keep training my eyes to pick up obscured human forms (and not just deer).
7). Training up others and practicing with them will be key to smooth and effective movement.

That’s a good rambling start. XXXXX and I discussed at least a hundred more key learnings on our return. One thing that we both felt strongly about was your handling of safety. Thank you for having a no compromising approach and for dealing with issues that arose fairly yet decisively.

It was an honor to learn from you and I am looking forward to watching your schedule for upcoming course opportunities. Thanks for all you are doing to help us everyday dudes out.

God Bless,
The Bearded Woodsman


100% on everything XXX said. I’m still processing everything we learned this weekend, there were so many things that really clicked. Your teaching style and commitment is something I really appreciate. I keep thinking about the long range shooting we did and the lessons on camo / stalking. The discussion about lightweight gear too. Those really stuck with me as well as the need to do lots more anti-gravity PT.

I really got a lot out of taking RTO first and then Scout. You mentioned that you’re planning an Advanced Scout course, which is definitely something we are interested in as well.

Can you remind me of the brand / model of boots you were wearing? I’d like to get a pair or something similar. Color-wise, would you veer more toward coyote or ranger green?

Thank you again for making your training available. It’s a blessing to us all.