The American Radio Relay League’s annual Field Day takes place this year June 27-28 and is the perfect weekend to get your radio gear out and on the air while simulating emergency operating conditions.  Off grid power, portable operating including antennas, shelter, food. It’s the perfect opportunity to fine tune your groups readiness. In addition to training in HF radio communications under the supervision of the “control operator”, you could also include a run and gun course, group feeding, low impact camping, leave no trace, it’s all there.

I’ve also operated on and off over the years on digital modes. Last week I finally got my digital station back on the air and am currently operating FT8. Back in the 20th century ( I love using that phrase) I operated RTTY and PSK31. Both of these modes are free form in the respect that you can type messages and exchange data freely, as opposed to modes like FT8 and JT65 where the software transmits structured transmissions. In certain situations where the conformance to standard radio communications protocols have been abandon, The ability to operate on HF with a “MARS mod” transceiver using a digital mode seems to be very advantageous given the fact that you could revert to time tested methods of encryption. Food for Thought.

Which is something we talk about extensively in the RTO Course, Basic and Advanced.

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