Last night I watched hours of riot livestreams via Periscope and a leftist independent news source called “Unicorn Riot”. These livestreams will usually involve some leftist commentary, or none at all, but they provide the absolute best views of what is happening at ground level. Lots of stuff seen clear as day that will not be reported by the likes of CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Daily Wire, or any of the other mainstream sources. Either they choose not to tell you, or they simply don’t have the ability to really go inside. When I say “inside”, I mean inside the burning 3rd Police Precinct in Minneapolis, or inside the mail truck being driven through the front doors of Target, or inside the secondary school where people are inside hammering holes in the walls. Here are some things I heard and saw during these streams:

-Lots of graffiti saying “beware the new world order” and “no church in the wild”.

-Unicorn Riot had dozens of people coming up to speak to the camera. Most had messages of violently attacking white people and white owned businesses. Threatening to enter the suburbs and attack white homes. One guy saying they were going to “choke out” someone he mentioned by name, though I didn’t catch the name he mentioned. Many mentioned this riot and the level of anger being “different”.

-Graffiti was labeling many businesses as “minority owned”. Those businesses were not on fire and I didn’t see anyone entering them.

-Police Precinct 3 was totally wrecked. Lots of livestream time spent inside the building on different floors. People telling the camera that they had seen police load up in vehicles and left the location under assault by thrown objects. Inside I saw many people taking riot gear, breaking glass, doors and walls. Fires were set in many rooms and then went out under the fire extinguishing system, but then we restarted afterward. Inches of water on the floor. Semi-auto gunfire started up in the building and most people ran. After the camera left the building I could see thick black smoke pouring from the second floor. For the rest of most of the different streams I saw I could make out a large amount of semi-auto gunfire.

-Most rioters are black, but some are white. The whites who were interviewed positioned themselves as what I would describe pejoratively as “pets” of the black social justice warriors (SJW). Well, I saw one pet wear out his welcome among his black “friends”, and he had a pipe taken to the side of his head. He hit the ground and I didn’t see him moving again.

-Crowds were saying one man was shot and killed nearby. Another one was heard screaming inside a burning liquor store. Many people saying on camera someone had burned to death inside.

-I saw at least four mail trucks get flipped over and torched, and another was driven into Target and was trying to do donuts inside the store.

-Lots of molotovs being thrown around. Some are well made and some are not. I suspect they’ll learn. I also wonder when they will figure out that a pile of tires will burn thick, black smoke and take forever to go out.

-Fair number of black females out there as well. Mostly running their mouths and recording on their phones more than anything.

-Some guys out there guarding businesses with rifles. Posing for pics as well, it seems. Long on courage and short on tactical planning. They should be on the roof spotting targets instead of standing in the wide open with rifles. We already know the rioters have semi-auto weapons and were shooting at people last night. If you’re going to be serious about this, do it right.

I see people talking about whether they support the riots or not, political opinions all around. It doesn’t matter what your opinion is. The right question is, what are you going to do about it when it comes to your town? Do you have better planning than the guys guarding those businesses? Do you have an escape and evasion plan for when you have to shoot someone? Or for when a flash-mob appears out of nowhere?

Ask questions and I’ll try to answer about what I saw. Will be watching more tonight on Periscope or Unicorn Riot. I don’t want to spread leftist ideas but if you want to see what’s happening, go there.