As I sit here and watch the fun ‘going down’ in the Twin Cities – Minneapolis & Saint Paul – I think, “we are not even out of May yet, and The Fourth Turning is now here.” Remembering that American Partisan’s own Patriotman had posted an article on this back in January 2019 The Fourth Turning & The Future As I See It we are here with the summer yet ahead of us. Oh what joy.

Watching the drama I find the images of the protesters interesting. If I didn’t know it was the Twin Cities I would swear that I was looking at protesters in Oakland, Portland, or Seattle ala, masks, white, long hair, et cetera. Then as news camera’s pan the destroyed buildings you see the Anarchist symbol everywhere.

Let’s see what we have going on domestically today,

  • A Pandemic where 1% of the population that has the virus under 60-years-old die and a whoppen 2% die taking into account all America
  • Due to what ever reason, has caused a 25% plus unemployment rate through Emergency Orders. Many states have not allowed businesses to reopen as I type today – May 29, 2020
  • The Democrat party is supporting a mentally deficient man for President
  • Inflation has firmly taken root and will increase through-out the remainder of the year
  • The main stream media is complicit in pushing the China Virus narrative of fear
  • An attempted coup by non elected bureaucrats is now open for all to see. Indictments soon to follow
  • Protests in support of the Minneapolis drama starting up in other cities
  • With what the Antifa has learned in protesting up to today, then over the weeks to come, I wonder what the DNC and RNC national conventions are going to look like. oh what fun
  • Others

Now let’s look at what is going on outside the United States border,

  • China has launched a war against the globe via the virus they produced and then released
  • China is taking advantage of the world on its heels by throwing out the Sino-British Joint Declaration  and putting Hong Kong under complete CCP control
  • Crude oil hovering around the $33.00 mark. Remember, many countries will go bankrupt when oil is south of $60.00 a barrel. Think, Russia, Iran, Venezuela to name a few
  • Chinese virus is killing thousands in Central and South America. I wonder if many of the citizens in that region will try to cross the border into the USA
  • Others

If you agree that the summer of 2020 will be a ‘shit storm’ what are you doing to prepare for it? Have you started raising chickens, planting your Chinese virus garden, or furthering your education in preparation for the worse?

For you folks that have purchased a grain grinder, HF transceiver, or that new firearm, have you broken them out of the cardboard box and trained with them? If not, now is the time to do so. Not when the SHTF hits.

Take a minute to read American Partisans own Matt Bracken’s essay,  When the Music Stops- How America’s Cities May Explode

Stay tuned for further developments as they happen.

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