Over the past 20 some years my wife and I have owned a half dozen Lauck custom 1911s; actually 7 to be exact. I have shot all of them – a lot! Everyone has impeccable reliability and accuracy. A couple are even works of art, barbeque guns.

Do I have one that in my mind stands above the rest? Yep, the one in the zip slide on my hip at present. The one I practice with damn near every day. The one I carry on my ranch or the rare town trips.

This one is different. I asked Dave to do all the DL reliability and accuracy tricks, but to make it externally to look like I bought it out of the bargain bin at a gunshow. The sniper grey cerocote is worn and scratched off in many places and it looks like you should be trading up if you swapped it for a Brazilian 1911. However after thousands of rounds not one issue, save for a slide lock that finally wore out. My pistol range is steel from 15-100 yards and my “sleeper” gun usually cleans it unless I am having an off day. Finally this gun saved my ass about 7 years ago when I was attacked by a mountain lion and shot him at 3 yards.

So I have owned a few DL guns – but my old beater will never find its equal (or a refinishing job)

Somewhere in the Rockies