Given the escalations that are occurring, here is an incomplete checklist that everyone should be looking at. This should already be done, but if not, make sure that:

1. All guns are zeroed. All mags are loaded. All gear is assembled to grab and go.

2. Communication established with all local team members. All comms are tested.

3. PACE plans established.

4. OSINT collection methods established. This includes identifying local Leftist organizations and those in the surrounding area that may be bussed in.

5. Accelerate PT programs.

6. Evaluate resiliency in case of systems disruptions.

And most importantly, do the following:

7. Harden your hearts. Strengthen your resolve. Pray.

Things are accelerating. They will not end any time soon. Welcome to 1968 Part Deux: Electric Boogaloo. This will be the summer of rage. Prepare accordingly.