We are happy to report that Western Rifle Shooters is back online! You can find our friend Concerned American at the URL below.


You can also find them on Twitter and Gab at the links below.


We are American Partisan are proud to help amplify important voices on our side like Western Rifle Shooters. The SJW Cancel Culture Commies are terrified of voices like American Partisan and WRSA because we run counter to their narrative. In their world, we must be destroyed because they disagree with us. How dare we go against THEIR vision!? No matter how many times they manage to take our voices offline in an attempt to silence us, it will never succeed because we WILL come back stronger. WRSA is just one example in a long line of websites. Go get ’em, CA.

The pot has nearly reached its’ boiling point. Things are getting spicy out there, and it is more important than ever to get trained, get prepared, and harden your hearts.  Get to it.

Tempus Fugit.