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I am involved with a small group of folks that daily analyzes the news. Then offers insight and predictions. I posted this short opinion piece there early in the week and one of the members of the group asked me to post it on AP. Enjoy. 

I am an old fart at 64-years-old. Some of my younger friends jokingly call me a “boomer”. LOL…Whatever.

I have seen riots come and go. 1968 DNC/RNC conventions, MLK assassination, NYC Blackout riot, Levittown, Pennsylvania Gas Riot June 23rd (I was there), Rodney King, Ferguson, etc, etc, etc. The one thing you can be assured of is they all peter out. Then nothing comes from all the looting, damage, and injured people other than small businesses fail, local unemployment goes up due to these failed businesses, and race relations again suffer.

The rioting ‘this’ time is new. The rioters are well organized. There are people coming from outside the communities and in some cases states to participate. There are pre-positioned supplies such as bricks, water, bottles with gas, bats, 2×4’s, bottles of milk (tear gas treatment) etc. Then add to the above equation, these riots are happening in over 30 cities and communities across the country – It’s new this time.

Like others these riots will come and go. Weak businesses will not recover, unemployment in the inner city will rise. The racial divide will grow as white suburbanites and rural folks will point to all the dark faces looting, blah, blah, blah. Want to bet that there will be a ‘task force’ put forth to come up with suggestions to prevent another riot happening again. Just visualize all those politicians, community leaders, and race baiting folks falling over themselves trying make a name for themselves on that task force. “Move along folks, nothing to see here” ‘they’ will say.

Now here is the future.

  • The other three Minneapolis police officers will be arrested and charged as accessories,
  • The trials will happen and when the verdicts are read there will be another series of riots across the country,
  • ANTIFA will have learned a shiton (Accounting term) about what to do and not do for these predictable rioting periods. I suspect one of the mistakes ANTIFA made was not rioting in the burbs after all they want civil war and what a better place to start then killing a few soccer moms and burning down their Starbucks,
  • Don’t worry, there will be another drama to deal with shortly, and
  • Some smart people will not get fooled by all the post rioting hoopla and be better prepared for the next battle (s). Trust me, they are coming.

ANTIFA is getting smarter, are you? Prepping, training, bartering your skills – Don’t have a skill, use this time to get one.

Now let us get back to the bigger problem – The problem of Governors forcing your business to fail.

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