Send by a reader and written anonymously, this is a very real, big-picture perspective of what’s going on. Everything else failed, its time for the Samson Option. -NCS

This is a Classic CIA color revolution: Exact template the Rockefeller Rothschild’s private army of goons a.k.a CIA/ Mi6 / Mossad have carried out through out the world!

1) take over at least 50% of the country’s airwaves (CNN, MSNBC, FOX) ,

2) provide covert assistance to CIA loyalists inside with governments a.k.a coup plotters (local police, democrat mayors, governors, military leaders etc).

3) Bombard public with negative propaganda for months.

4) As election approaches unleash riots and rebellion on the streets.

The 3rd world dictator will attempt crowd control using military troops, teargas, curfews etc but the military, police on CIA payroll only pretend to comply. Instead they allow international media and CIA journalists to take pictures which is then published worldwide via Time, Newsweek, Economist magazines, crisp copies delivered to diplomats heads of state in every country week after week…Soon at the highest levels in every country the opinion is formed that such and such country is unstable, that dictator leader must go etc = another successful coup for the bankster families that run the CIA !

Typically the thrid world dictator will have the poor masses supporting him not the elite and once the coup is over the poors get crushed and there will be no press coverage.

Trump is that third world leader and the poors who will get crushed are his MAGA base. Since the MAGA crowd has guns the only way to disable them is to politically balkanize MAGA states coupled with bankster created depression (cash scarcity) and genocide them one by one slowly via DNA based targeted COVID related vaccines and therapies delivered via national POST COVID Contact tracing tracking healthcare systems….currently in the process of being rolled out!

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