Every class I run is an absolute honor- never have I ever felt so rewarded as I do watching students apply the skills covered and really ‘get it’, no matter the previous skill level. The following was written by a student I had out in Wyoming, who, when I jokingly remarked “you’ve done this a time or two” while sending a SALUTE report, responded rather dryly with a slight grin, “yes, I have”. Later on I realized he’s a retired LTC from the Army. He was one of several in the course that had a high level of experience- and yet, they’re out training. I’m humbled beyond words other than this: If they’re training, take the hint. There’s a reason. You should be too.  As I told them, we do what we do out of love for country. The Left acts in hate and contempt for it. -NCS

After Action Review:

Redoubt Communications Course (RTO, Advanced RTO & Signals Intelligence),  9-14 June, Wyoming

Bottom Line Up Front:  Get training from NC Scout on communications.  You will walk away knowing how to successfully integrate you and your groups equipment in order to communicate more effectively in a threat environment.

Regardless of your prior experience you will walk away with a better understanding of how to integrate a wide range of communications equipment ranging from license free modes to HF in order for your group to communicate.  The instruction is grounded in the realities of today, not wishful thinking about some perfect set of comm gear you would like to buy one day.

The SIGINT course far exceeded expectations and will definitely help you operate in a non-permissive environment.

NC Scout is truly a great instructor.  He starts where the class is and tailors his approach to ensure you meet the class training objectives.  He ensures that the students “get it” before moving on.  Instruction is reinforced with numerous hands on work ranging from constructing a SOI, sending and receiving reports, building different kinds of antennas or exercises that directly relate to how you might be operating.  Scout effortlessly integrates current events to reinforce the training objectives.

On top of the great instruction, the discussion with likeminded individuals is priceless.  In these sporty times, it’s nice to know you are not alone in your thinking as well as having the opportunity to share valuable tactics, techniques and procedures.

Go get trained while you can.  You will not regret it.