Recently I purchased a Safariland ALS 7377 right hand draw holster for my Glock 19. This particular outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster had been recommended to me by a former special forces soldier, and I’m glad to say the recommendation was spot on. I advise using the link here to purchase because it’s much cheaper than other places, and it took about 24 hours to arrive.

The first thing I noticed out of the box was that when I placed the G19 into the holster, there was no movement whatsoever. The weapon is firmly locked in place and when I shook it to check the retention, there was not a millimeter of shifting.

Mine being the 7377, it does not come with a paddle, which I personally am okay with. I’m partial now to using simple belt loops because I’ve had paddles pinch before, and paddles seem to give a lot of movement of the entire apparatus when drawing the weapon. If paddles work better for you and you want this holster with one, I believe you can find it here. The belt loops on the 7377 are close enough together that it won’t slide around if you’re using a web belt, or rigger’s belt, or some other tactical style belt. As of right now I am using a 5.11 work belt and I’m getting no extra movement from the holster.

As far as the draw stroke, I love it. I am able to get a firm, high grip on the weapon and once I clear the holster, there is no need to adjust to get a good firing grip. It’s already there. This holster doesn’t require an odd grip on the draw, only to be changed prior to firing. The thumb release, once cleared, places your thumb in the correct location for a good firing grip. I am happy that the retention release is located closer to the body, rather than on the outside of the holster where the release itself is in view of others. Also, the downward force you apply to the thumb release again prevents the holster from traveling upward at all with the pistol during the drawstroke.

The profile of the holster is generally slimmer than most other OWB pieces, which is nice for me. I prefer to carry OWB and covered, assuming I am walking around in a state that unconstitutionally bans open carry. I would prefer to carry openly, but that’s a debate for another time. The 7377 has just enough space inside to allow debris to fall through clear of the pistol, but still maintains a narrow profile so you’re not printing through clothing unless it’s a shirt that fits a little tighter.

Overall, this is a really great one if you need a new OWB holster.

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