“A body later found at Campsite and Berry Brook roads in Sullivan County, New York, is believed to be the suspect. He was identified as Roy Hollander, a Manhattan lawyer and self-described anti-feminist, multiple law enforcement sources briefed on the case told ABC News.

Hollander’s body was discovered by a municipal employee in the town of Rockland. New York State Police were on scene, and the FBI was called.

“A brazen and cowardly act of gun violence at their home in North Brunswick,” Governor Phil Murphy said. “We give our full support to Judge Salas and her husband at this most trying time. This is an unconscionable tragedy.”

Judge Salas, who is the first Latina to serve on the federal bench in New Jersey, was in the home at the time but was not hurt.”

…story continued.


Honk. Honk. Repeat after me, this was a coincidence and powerful people would never intimidate a judge. They are our caretakers and only have our best interest in mind. The only real surprise in this story is that it hasn’t been hung around the President’s neck yet, but the night is young. You really don’t have enough ammo.

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