On July 8th we lost a legend in the online patriot community – Ol’ Remus. As you may recall, he had previously lost his wife in March of 2020 and had been posting intermittently after that. His blog had not be updated with a post since June 9th and people were starting to get concerned because, even after losing his wife, he was only disconnected for a couple of weeks. Over at Western Rifle Shooters, it was reported in a screenshot from the comments of this article at American Digest that Ol’ Remus succumbed to cancer on July 8th (he had been diagnosed only three weeks prior).

Not much was known about Ol’ Remus in terms of his actual identity (that isn’t even his real photograph), but he was known throughout the patriot blog community as a good and kind man who never had beef or petty arguments with anyone. According to some online (his site currently 404s anything but the homepage) he first posted online in September 2004.

His posts would start off with his thoughts on a certain topic(s) and perhaps a few links included. It would then move to a list of hyperlinks of what Ol’ Remus found interesting. The last two sections were also links, but with a paragraph from the article as a synopsis. Sprinkled in between the sections, he would always have either an old photograph, an old advertisement, or a beautiful painting along with a description.

Here is his final words of wisdom. Rest in Peace brother. The writers of AP salute you.

As I said here two weeks ago:

July will tell the truth about the economy. I’ve chosen November as the month of general truth, whether the years following will be of manageable coping, of unexampled disaster, or something in between.

We’re closing in on July. Here’s what’s developing:

National and world economies are collapsing into a 1930s-like Depression. Well regarded experts disagree on whether we’re facing runaway inflation or deflation but certain it will be one or the other. There are food shortages with famines in some parts of the world. In the US there is ongoing racial and political terrorism with scattered homicides. Politically motivated shutdowns of web sites are ongoing. There are rising threats of war in the western Pacific.

November is six months away. Unless something changes for the better, it appears we will be deeply into the dark consequences of this growing catastrophe. This means we’ll be heavily reliant on personal preparations being made now.

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