I attended the Wisconsin RTO and Advanced RTO classes last weekend and want to add mine to the growing list of excellent reviews. NCS is a quality instructor with a great deal of experience and a complete grasp of the material. He meets you wherever you are regarding skills and fitness so feeling inferior in those areas is no excuse. All you need is a good attitude and the ability to take plenty of notes and he’ll take it from there.

The classes cover a broad menu of tools and equipment – all common off the shelf – to create an infrastructure where there is none and, more importantly, how to use them in a difficult environment. This offers an extremely broad scope of application ranging from disaster situations, to a neighborhood watch on steroids to a full boogaloo cell and far beyond.

We hear it all the time, but we seriously don’t know what we don’t know. Get to a class and fix that.

Check out the training calendar for more.

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