Via LiveLeak.

It’s a world record seizure of amphetamine — 84 million pills worth more than a one billion dollars, apparently bought by the Mafia and made by ISIS. The Mob Reporter here with news of a stunning find in Italy.

An investigation by police in the region around Naples, Italy seized three containers shipped from Syria to the Port of Salerno. They contained these huge cylinders of rolled paper for industrial use. Each cylinder was about six feet high and likely built in Germany. The multiple layers of the heavy paper provided some protection from the detection scanners used to probe shipments. But when the tubes were cut into, out poured the pills. And they kept pouring and pouring out.
About 350 kilos of amphetamine pills were found in each of the 40 tubes. In all, they found 14 metric tonnes of the stuff, which is more than 15 US tons, that’s an estimated 84 million pills, each bearing the same symbol, of the Captagon brand. Investigators are uncertain at the moment who precisely was buying it. It seems unlikely that a billion shipment was meant for a single buyer.

The police hypothesis is a consortium of major criminal groups were in for a share of the shipment, under the oversight of the Camorra, the major Mafia group formed in the Naples region.