I think everyone reading this article agrees that food storage is absolutely critical in any preparedness plan – particularly with both the WUFlu crisis and low level Leftist insurgency that we see going on right now. Everyone’s pantry should have a healthy mix of long term staples (rice, beans, etc), canned goods, and long term freeze-dried goods. Two of the first purchases I made when I moved into my own place was a chest freezer and a vacuum sealer. I chose the Foodsaver V4400 when I made my purchase, and I could not be happier.

For starters, this thing gets used at least once a week to keep food fresh. We have used it to marinate chicken, freeze steaks for later in the month after a sale, and even to seal items destined for underground caches. After the WuFlu hit, these things were flying off Amazon as people rushed to get long term food storage devices. As you see below, we meal prepped for several days and used the vacuum sealer to keep the delicious Lemon Pepper Chicken fresh while we ate through other food. This product is incredibly intuitive to use, and pretty much does everything automatically: just choose the setting, pick your bag type, and go to town!

It has the ability to use both bags with a valve as illustrated above (they have a variety of sizes like 1-Quart and 1-Gallon) as well as create bags from a roll, which is a life saver when you have particularly large items (like the steak you see below). However, you need to pay attention when using the bag roll and follow the instructions listed. If you do not insert the open end fully and in the correct position, it may not automatically seal it.

As mentioned above, we managed to get a great deal on a bunch of steaks, but we wanted to spread them out over the next couple of months. The solution? Vacuum sealing! We used the roll bags since the steaks were quite large. We vacuum sealed one with marinade already on it, and the rest we did plain. The bags are open on either end, so you cut the bag to the length you need (leaving at least 4 inches at the top). You seal one end, put your item into the bag, pick your moist/dry setting, and seal the other end.

From there, they were dropped into the chest freezer and marked on our log book (which inventories what goes in, when it went in, and the listed expiration date) and they are now ready for when we want to have some steak and a nice Cabernet Sauvignon on a Saturday night while listening to some Outlaw country on SiriusXM. If you buy the Foodsaver V4400, I highly recommend stocking a lot of bags. One of the things I noticed during the WuFlu was that things like Ziplocks, Mason Jars and Food-Grade Buckets (and, surprisingly, Gamma Lids) were nowhere to be found as people sucked them up to store food long term. Don’t be left wishing you had them on hand – they are relatively inexpensive and will be standing ready the next time there is a run on food.

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