I’m honored to have a review from last weekend’s Tracking Course, taught primarily by Holy Serf (a certified human tracker with a long resume of tracking training and experience), with myself serving as an assistant instructor. The weather may have been awful (it rained the entire time, making the field events a challenge) but the spirits were high. The people who come to train are what makes me have an incredibly high hope for the future. -NCS


Thanks again for an incredible weekend at Tracker class. I ended up taking four and half pages of notes that compiled into a PDF doc that I shared with my groups. My biggest takeaways from the class were:

1. Tracking is a skill that all of our ancestors had and learning how to do it (even in the small amount we did last weekend) enables an entirely new level of movement and observation in the woods. I’ve been practicing looking more at the ground since then and I’m constantly surprised at how much more I notice compared with before the class.

2. The teamwork aspect of tracking was something I had not expected but thoroughly enjoyed. The comradery that is built as well as shared observation made all the difference in finding / following tracks.

3. As I mentioned in class, I was struck by how much thinking about tracking outdoors got us all thinking about digital tracking and counter-tracking. Many of the things you shared on that topic were new to me, and I come from a pretty solid tech background.

4. As always in your classes, in addition to the curriculum you teach, I end up gaining an equal amount of new insights from the things you share during downtime and from the other students during class. The quality of people you attract at each course is second to none. This point alone is the reason I am constantly telling everyone I know that they need to come and train with you.

Looking forward to training with you at the AK class.

God bless,

Mike Delta

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