On Saturday Rt. 29 Northbound was shut down briefly (about 5 or ten minutes). I was on the way to the feed store. I assumed it was an accident at first. Then I saw the State police detaining a group of BLM activists (they had red shirts with Black Lives Matter in black lettering). They were pumping their hands up and down and chanting slogans as they were being arrested. I got a good look at them, and they were mostly white people. SALUTE to follow:

Size: Three VA state police cars (2 patrol cars and an SUV) and four officers. There were 8 – 10 BLM protesters being detained.

Activity: They had shut down the road, but the police cleared the lanes in about 5 or ten minutes. They were getting arrested/being detained when I was able to see what was going on. I got a really good look at one of them – a pale, fat white guy with brown hair and dark sunglasses pumping his arm up and down chanting slogans while other people were being handcuffed.

Location: Northbound Rt. 29 between Madison and Culpeper. Just before the 29 business exit to Culpeper.

Uniform: Red t-shirts with Black Lives Matter in black and white lettering. I only saw white people among the protesters. The VA state police were in standard uniform.

Time: About 1330 on Saturday 22 AUG 2020

Equipment: The police had guns holstered. I did not see any weapons or signs carried by the protesters. I did not see any civilian vehicles. They were either dropped off on the side of the road, or walked from the exit ramp.

Hope this is useful. It freaked my wife out – she was in the car with me. She may be wanting to get in on some action.


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