As of today, the United States has experienced over 170,000 CCP Virus deaths. I was wondering how many of those 170,000 deaths were just plain influenza. The USA’s average influenza deaths over a nine-year period by year is 37,463. I wonder how many influenza deaths will be recorded by the CDC for 2019-20. I suspect none.

Year/Season  Deaths*
2010-11 36,656
2011-12 12,447
2012-13 42,570
2013-14 37,930
2014-15 51,376
2015-16 22,705
2016-17 38,230
2017-18 61,099
2018-19 34,157

* = Stats from CDC – Past Seasons Estimated Influenza Disease Burden

Now let us speculate how many deaths this year are being attributed to the CCP Virus when in fact the individual’s death was caused by a car or motorcycle accident, massive heart attack, cancer, etc. I know for a fact that if a person dies for ‘X’ but shows Covin19 in their blood, the death certificate lists the death as CCP Virus. Why – Money and politics.

Just some fun facts on Wednesday to contemplate and hopefully share.

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