Sent in by a reader and student, this piece from Mediaite reinforces the need to understand just how much is out there collecting data on you.

Anomaly Six LLC has installed its proprietary software kit, or SDK, on hundreds of unnamed applications, according to the report in The Wall Street Journal. App makers allow companies to pay to install the software on their apps in order to track customers. The companies generally sell the data for advertisers to use in targeting customers.

Why would a defense contractor be in the business of selling advertisements? Because that’s a cover for action, that’s why. Its a legal loophole, disguising the real purpose behind the surveillance.

So while you’re browsing your favorite honeyp- err…social media platform, know that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep in mind a few rules:

  1. If you don’t go looking for it, you don’t want it.
  2. The Targeting Cycle of Intelligence Collection (F3EA) is dependent on Patterns of Life.
  4. Phones will get you killed.


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