There was a time when the differences between the two parties were based on a party that wanted to be all benevolent and provide for the less fortunate, and the other party that believed in self reliance and that if you gave someone the opportunity to succeed they would. Some of this belief is (was) evident by the economic success Americans of ALL COLORS were experiencing before the Chinese virus.

But in the last 2-3 decades globalism driven by the wealthiest, and in partnership with the Socialist UN, decided that a one world government would be the best solution to global harmony (and their financial growth). To view it another way, Globalism vs. Nationalism. Pride in oneself and ones national history are counterproductive to the “common good”. As the famous Socialist and author George Orwell stated, “The most effective way to destroy a people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” This is why the Left wants to remove statues and rewrite history.

This shift in America got up a good head of steam under the Obama administration and Americans finally realized what was happening to their nation. If Clinton would have been elected President, that would have sealed the coffin for America as a nation. Thankfully Americans realized what was happening and elected President Trump. This infuriated the Globalists and somehow they are now exerting very strong pressure on the Democratic Party to abandon our Constitutional Nation and try to force Socialism/Globalism down our throats. This includes programs such as open borders with unlimited global migration, the ban on the ownership of firearms, and the green new deal. All of the turmoil since the election of President Trump is being instigated by the Globalists. Look who’s funding BLM and the antifa soy boys.

The Right is made up of Constitution loving Americans that are engaging in a fight to retain their national identity. The Left, now being driven by the Globalists/Socialists are doing all they can to deconstruct America. After Trump is reelected, the fighting will only get worse, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Leftists in America engage in all out revolution. We are already seeing a preview of things to come in Portland, Seattle, Austin, Denver, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Chicago, NYC, and the list of democratically controlled cities goes on. These people are not going to just pack up and go home. This violence will continue until there is major push back from the Right through law and order. In closing I would like to point out who is right and who is wrong with a simple example. Who is causing all the violence, and who is putting up with it and not fighting back? IMO the Right has just about had it with all of this violent behavior, and have been putting up with it admirably. When the time for retribution arrives it will be swift and harsh, but hopefully not on a global scale.

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