Dear Mr. Colville:

I am writing to you regarding your recent comments on the unfortunate shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA.

It’s obvious you are not familiar with the situation in its entirety. Mr. Blake is a career criminal and was forcefully resisting arrest. The reason the law enforcement officer had to shoot him in the back was because he would not turn around and stop trying to get into the automobile. He had been shot with a less than lethal taser twice with no effect. The police had no other choice.

Please let me point out the following. The UN is the world’s largest Socialist organization and you have an poor track record on human rights. It is my understanding that the UN is supposed to promote global harmony and peace throughout the world. But in reality there is constant civil conflict and you do very little about it. Yes, America has been responsible for many of the conflicts/wars, but that was under the presidencies of minions of the Globalists, of which the UN plays a significant role. President Trump, who I proudly voted for, and I am sure you hate like all the other deep state Globalist/Socialist do, is working to get America out of the constant cycle of war. I am also sure you accuse him of be being a racist/xenophobe. Yes, he has greatly diminished your funds from us American citizens, and yes he is working to get control of the flood of third worlders who want to enter our country illegally.

And now to the subject of firearms ownership. I have studied the policies of the UN for decades and know perfectly well that one of your goals is the complete disarmament of all global citizens. As far as the United States of America is concerned, good luck with that. As I hope you are aware, in the last few months there has been a huge increase in the number of firearms purchased by Americans. And you know why? Because of the Socialist government officials in numerous cities that are working to defund or abolish their law enforcement agencies. And on top of that, people are afraid of the violent rioting taking place by the Marxist rabble, black lives matter and antifa. Again, the Socialist mayors and governors of these Democratic Party controlled cities and states are doing next to nothing to stop the violence and protect their innocent citizens. Speaking for the lawful gun owners in America, and there are millions of us, we will never give up our right to “Keep and Bear Arms”. If you think that in the unlikely event the Socialists take over our government, that we will all just toddle on down to the courthouse and gladly turn in our firearms, you are sadly mistake.

I believe there is a strong likelihood that after our presidential election on November 3rd, during which President Trump will be reelected, all out civil war will commence in America forcing President Trump to either invoke the Insurrection Act, or declare Martial Law. In the event this takes place I believe either the Communist Chinese or your own employer will get involved in the civil conflict at the invitation of the Socialist faction of the Democratic Party. If unfortunately this does happen, blood will be shed but true Constitution loving Americans will prevail and we will retain our national freedoms.

In closing I would like to suggest that the United Nations mind its own business and clean up your own house. While there are many humanitarian organizations within the UN that have respect for, you need back off of trying to gain control of America and bring us into your Socialist fold.


Green Mountain Shooter