The Republican Party needs to ram Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s replacement through the Senate ASAP. None of this waiting game to entice Republican voters to get out the vote. Considering how easily the Democrats are able to push the Republicans around, even back when the Republicans controlled the White House, the Senate AND the House at the same time, you need to aggressively take the wins when you can get them.

I’ve heard rumors of political strategies and five dimensional chess games whereby using delays and dragging feet in Congress might benefit the Republican Party during and post election. Here’s my thoughts: Trying to entice right wing voters to show up on election day and vote for Trump by dangling another SCOTUS pick in front of them is a monumental risk. Even if Trump has the numbers to win, that might not be enough. In this era of revolution and violence, the Democrats are willing, and probably able, to do anything and everything to steal the election. If that happens, it will be devastating that the Senate didn’t jam Trump’s nominee through at breakneck speed. His nominee is expected to be announced within days, and it’s been known for a year or more that it’s likely to be Amy Coney Barrett.

Apparently instead of picking who the best candidate is, we just replace a woman with a woman automatically. No matter, I guess, that the vast majority of women in politics take a quick left turn ideologically once they get to a position of new power. It’s no surprise that the two biggest obstacles in the Senate are Republican senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, as per usual. Murkowski is in a tough campaign right now, so she will be looking to ride the fence and stonewall whomever she can in an attempt to gain voters from across whatever aisle she’s straddling this week. In this case she will be stonewalling her party on the SCOTUS nomination at the last minute of Trump’s term in office.

I’m open to hearing counter-arguments on this, but I firmly believe that you take the wins where you can get them and take them as quickly as possible. Especially when the wins have been as hard to come by as they have been, and Trump might be running out of time.