AAA. George Floyd Riots/Post Mnpls riots
BBB. Local workers on the ground – F2F report
CCC. Mnlps greater metro area, Franklin Ave and surrounding


Local construction workers were sent out to fix road, light, camera, etc. damage from Mnpls/GF riots. The appearance of ‘green’ concrete was most concerning. Green concrete is new concrete poured within 30 days – when cut, has greenish tint to it.

They found that the water main control valves (“water shut-off valves”) were turned down to 1/4 pressure, and then the tops were capped with 2′ of new concrete. This was done BEFORE or DURING the riots. Generally, the control valves are 8′ deep under the covers, so the average person cannot just reach in and turn the valves – you need a special “T” handle tool to do so.

As a matter of course, all cameras in the area were destroyed.

1/4 pressure is good enough for residential use, but inadequate for major fire suppression. This may also be part of the issue with fire departments failing to extinguish fires.

While crews were fixing the issues with water valves, road, and lights, police were protecting GF Murals, while MN NG was protecting road repair crews from the crowds. Take this as you may – no further information is known on this.

On a side note, one owner of an entire block of buildings replaced 450 windows at $450-1000 each. No insurance or assistance money coming to help.

Mnpls was our Kristallnatch.



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