In this previous post on American Partisan, we learned about the experience some fellow well-trained patriots had when they had a run-in with an AntiFa mob. It wasn’t pretty, and our guys are not slackers by any stretch of the imagination. Like I said, they’re well trained and they have combat experience overseas. They learned a lesson and we need to heed their words. The people we will be fighting are not the gender-studies degree-having, pink haired sissies we like to meme about. They will shoot you, or smoke you in the head with a skateboard, or pepper spray and blind you if you don’t watch yourself. And even then, they still might. This fight is coming, it’s going to be nasty, and we’re all going to have to give a little blood.

In this post at the Captain’s Journal, there is an excellent review of the first post, and some salient points I’ve been thinking about for a long time and haven’t addressed here yet. Namely, what is going to happen when some patriot, or group of patriots, are guarding a business or something, and actually have to fire their weapons in their own self defense? As the CJ stated, “There are two states in America where one can legitimately defend property with deadly force…”, those being Missouri and Texas. There are some states which have laws that “allow” one to do so, but the legal system is full of traps and pitfalls, and let me tell you about these district attorneys. Even in Texas and Missouri, if they want you, they will get you. And the DA always has a ton of incentive to get you, and zero incentive to let you go.

My biggest concern right now for our side, whatever it is we are calling ourselves this week, is that we have groups of men who march out there to do what needs to be done, and the law enforcement apparatus that we all support so much ends up being turned on us. The people from the top to the bottom will likely follow their orders, even if those orders are to bypass the AntiFa rioters and come after you. It’s been done already.

It is simply not easy to defend yourself in America today. They can not get our guns. By my own best estimate, based on the NICS numbers over the past years, there are likely at least 600 million guns in the US. So instead of taking them, they will simply criminalize their use in self defense.

CJ also mentions that we could end up changing our TTPs, and operate from distances rather than up close. This will become necessary.


Some parting advice when you’re in a hot zone (either by choice or not):

-Don’t ever talk to the media or anyone with a camera. They are out to get you killed. Get away from them or get them away from you. Don’t let them ID you. AntiFa is looking at media photos and videos, trying to ID our people so they can locate, ambush and kill them. Yes, this is happening. The media is aware and they are good with that.

-Don’t advertise your location or intentions to anyone. Only your hard-hearted friends need to know that you’re defending businesses and homes. The media and Fakebook do not. Why do you even have a Fakebook?

-Please kit yourself as you need, but be able to blend in too. It’s not Kandahar or Baghdad. Don’t stick out in a crowd. They key on that.

-Have three escape routes for each mode of transport (primary, secondary, emergency). Have a motor vehicle? Three routes. Have a bike stashed away? Three more routes. Have two working legs? Three more routes AND two hide spots in the nearby area if you can’t egress far enough. It would suck to sit inside a hollowed out tree behind the corner store a block away, or on top of the fire escape down the road for six hours while the fighting dies down but it sucks less than being killed by a mob in the street.

-NEVER go anywhere alone. Kyle Rittenhouse defended himself masterfully for his situation, but to my knowledge, he started out with a group of people. He found himself alone at some point. Do not find yourself alone. Don’t leave your group. AntiFa isn’t going to, so you don’t either.