Begs the question, “was this a coordinated hit team” to which I answer: Yes it is, and its the next ratchet up.

MortarGuy sends his commentary on it:

My personal observations of the video are these: as a retired big city cop of 18 years, the untrained average guy or small group doesn’t stand much of a chance in this environment if targeted. These scum know the streets and it’s tricks like we know the woods. Gaining field experience to counter these activities while undercover or overt will come at a cost. Cops make arrests of serious thugs in the cities because of years of work perfecting their craft, good intel, exhausting hours, long investigations, and a good bit of luck. The RevComs have been training for this a long time, simply as a facet of daily life in many cases. Our side is currently sucking hind tit strategically, and rapidly losing ground tactically unless we can force the fight into our own comfort zones of operation, so to speak.


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