The most ubiquitous handheld ham radio is on sale for stupidly cheap during Amazon’s Prime days. We would be remiss to not encourage you to pick up several or one of the two-packs of the 8W variety. We know you aren’t spending your shekels on ammo, so put them to good use and get something equally as deadly to the left…comms. Below are a few things worth picking up cheap, while you can still get them. 

  1. Baofeng UV-5R MK 8W Max Power 2020 (Mirkit Edition) On sale for ~$40 less per pair than usual, comes with a programming cable and a 7″ antenna versus the normal 5″ along with chargers and standard 1800mAh batteries. You can also get a single radio for ~20$ off, but the singles do not come with a programming cable. 

  2. Olight Odin. I am a Surefire guy, but Olight is doing something right here. Rechargeable, remote pressure switch, 2000 lumens and a rail mount for barely over $100, ~$50 cheaper than normal. You can’t beat that. Good news, even if your bases are covered there, virtually all of their lights are on sale and if you need an EDC light they have half a dozen worth a look.
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