The past few weeks AP has faced an unprecedented number of challenges, and we feel it necessary to be transparent with our readership. First, American Partisan is more committed than ever to bringing you the very best content. We continue to provide you this content gratis, despite the ever-increasing overhead and personal cost that comes from running a site such as this in an overtly hostile political environment. Against all odds, you have made this one of the largest and fastest-growing independent sites on the hard right. However, that journey has not been without its setbacks.

The astronomic growth we experienced and rampant censorship necessitated the need for us to buy server space when we first started. Further growth meant larger and larger bandwidth requirements until it became imperative to have an entire server dedicated to AP. As our growth continued at an astronomical pace, so did the cyber attacks. Given the rapidly deteriorating political climate in the US and particularly in the electronic sphere, both domestic and international cyber attacks continue to increase in tempo and so do their attempts to take down the site. While some of it is likely random, there are also targeted attempts to silence us. It serves as further confirmation to us that we are a threat to the existing political order and those who are attempting a socialist color revolution.

What this means for you, the reader, as well as our many contributors is that we are in the midst of an information and propaganda war…and this is the front line. We will do everything possible to minimize disruptions, outages and disturbances. Despite that, a massive DDOS attack did take the site down for a brief period of time the month before the election, and we took it on the chin. The AP team came together and put in an ungodly amount of time and effort into getting the site back as quickly as we did. We have come back stronger, smarter and better prepared. The attacks will continue, but we will continue to get better and faster at mitigating and preventing them. You can knock AP down, run us off of Facebook, or ban us on Twitter and we will still be here. We will adapt, evolve and overcome to address these new threats and we will not stop. If any of us had wanted to take the easy way out, any one of us could be printing cash doing the same thing for the other side…or sit silently like so many. Yet here we are, with a quality and depth of readership that money cannot buy. We are proof that there is a new, more virulent, and infinitely more dangerous right wing than the Bill Kristol or Reason Magazine variety of milquetoast nothing men.

We would be remiss to not specifically thank our advertisers and Patreon supporters, many who have been here since the beginning, for the financial support. None of us here at AP are compensated for our work and that capital is essential to defraying the rocketing cost of fending off constant cyber attacks, providing ample bandwidth for the ever-increasing stream of readership and defraying the costs of this entire operation. You are the rare few that have put action to words and for that we thank you.

We at American Partisan would like to assure each and every one of you that despite the adversity, we will not be going anywhere. We will weather the storms and if you want a slick and cookie-cutter conservative experience then we regret to inform you that while we will try our best, it will not always be so. American Partisan is in a digital knife fight with the left, but it is a fight we will win. So to the brave souls that continue to support and read us, know that it is you that keep us going when we sit down and write after a twelve-hour day. To the leftists and Conservatives™…test the depth of our resolve and you just might drown.