As you could guess from the title, there are now only 14 days until Election Day. While we may all have our theories about what may transpire on November 3rd and the days that follow, I think every scenario we can envision will be chock full of chaos and civil unrest. The America that used to exist is gone, and it is not coming back. We are living without the rule of law and we are faced with an elitist and technocratic enemy that knows only self importance and self serving ideals. They don’t care about you, or me, or any of us. They only care about maintain power beneath a thin veneer that parades itself as the Constitutional Republic that used to exist. Knowing that the other side wants to see you cancelled, arrested, or dead, I ask you this:

What are you doing over the next 14 days to get ready for what is coming?

Here is my personal list:

  • PT every single day. This includes both rucking and strength training.
  • Assisting with NC Scout’s Scout Course in Tennessee
  • Confirming zeroes on all of my rifles, and loading all available magazines
  • Inventorying medical supplies
  • Making sure all communication devices are charged and programmed.
  • Making sure all gas cans are topped off and stored
  • Inventorying food stores and making last minute additions.

So now I pose the question to you, the readership:

What are you doing over the next 14 days to get ready for what is coming?

Without destroying OPSEC, I want you to sound off in the comments. Your preparations may inspire others to do the same or serve as a reminder for someone who might have otherwise forgotten to do something.