Defending Democracy Together has spent $11.5 million on independent expenditures opposing Trump or backing Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Organized as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit and thus not required to disclose its donors, it’s the top spending “dark money” group of the 2020 election cycle so far.

Through its project Republican Voters Against Trump, the nonprofit runs an onslaught of unconventional ads featuring Republicans who plan to vote against Trump in November. In addition to paying for TV ads and billboards in swing states, Defending Democracy Together has spent nearly $5.2 million on online ads aiming to spur Republicans to vote for Biden. 

It also has a Republican Voters Against Trump super PAC that has spent $4.2 million to influence the presidential race. The PAC ads feature opinions from Republicans who say they regret voting for Trump in 2016. It also ran a Spanish-language ad comparing Trump to foreign dictators. That group is expected to reveal its donors before Election Day, but like other super PACs it could dodge true disclosure by reporting its allied nonprofit as its only donor…

Defending Democracy Together is run by Bill Kristol, a prominent Republican Trump critic who ran the conservative Weekly Standard magazine. Kristol’s new website, The Bulwark, is a project of the 501(c)(3) Defending Democracy Institute and is one of few conservative news sites that has a reputation of being harshly critical of Trump. 


The numbers speak for themselves, and the Never Trump Movement has finally removed the fig leaf of ‘country over party.’ I am tempted to call them traitors, particularly the sneering, soulless, intellectual dilettante Bill Kristol. Yet the entire concept of traitor implies some sort of betrayal of an existing credo and an organization you owe a duty to. Kristol and his fellow carbon-based life forms…the title of human is beyond their reach…have no such credo or organization. I discovered at a young age listening to the conversations between the booths and in the corners of CPAC that a large contingent of the GOP is made up of parasites, not people. The only guiding principle, if you can call it such, was to preserve and enlarge the colony of grifters stealing from the blue collar rubes and suburbanites they hated. The Never Trumpers cannot betray anything because they do not believe in anything. I almost feel sorry for people like Kristol, it has to be a tortured existence. Imagine scrambling from one host to the next, no low too low, no line that will not be crossed, a political drug addict in a back alley doing the unspeakable for just one more taste of donor money…a positively grotesque, inhuman life. While it is perfectly possible and maybe even correct to pity such a thing, it is of utmost importance that we make sure this political cancer is not allowed to metastasize and infect the next generation.

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