The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday it was setting up a seven-person independent commission to investigate claims of sexual exploitation and abuse by aid workers during the recent Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)…

“The role of the independent commission will be to swiftly establish the facts, identify and support survivors, ensure that any ongoing abuse has stopped, and hold perpetrators to account,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in a briefing to member states.

The WHO will also hire an independent and external organisation with experience in conducting similar inquiries to support the commission’s work, he added…

The majority of the allegations in DRC were against men who said they worked for the WHO. The agency has said it was “outraged” to learn of the reports and reiterated its zero-tolerance policy against sexual exploitation and abuse.

Most of the women – many of whose accounts were backed up by aid agency drivers and local NGO workers – said numerous men had either propositioned them, forced them to have sex in exchange for a job, or ended contracts when they refused.

From Bosnia to Haiti, reports of sexual abuse and exploitation scandals have shaken the aid sector for decades – denting the trust of local populations, donors and taxpayers…

WHO names independent body to investigate DRC sex abuse claims -Aljazeera

The UN and WHO specifically have had issues since their inception with such behavior and in lieu of an actual investigation, yet again decide to navel-gaze. While I’m entirely unsurprised that the liberal WASP’s and their European counterparts doing the Harvard-mandated resume boosting have as much regard for foreigners as they accuse us of, it nevertheless shocks the conscience. Or it should. Not that leftists have ever been known for their humanitarian leanings. While the latter are amateurs, doing woke tourism in some faraway land to get a notch on their belt, I cannot imagine the level of malfeasance that happens within the professional class of UN aid organizations. I highlight this story as an excellent example of the UN doing precisely what the UN was created to do, destroy the culture it exists within, breakdown the national identity and economy of the country it is ‘helping.’ I suspect we will be hearing shouts for the UN to monitor or act as a disinterested third party to the election on November 4th. Share this with your normie friends or the unfortunate souls that still believe we live in a nation of laws, or decency, or civility. Just ask them to Google ‘UN sex scandals’ and start scrolling. Haiti, Congo, Bosnia, Cambodia, Burundi, and Gabon were not all coincidences or accidents. The loss of sovereignty is only the beginning when the ‘help’ arrives…and a large contingent of America will welcome it with open arms.

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