The picture above, taken from Michigan in protest to the covid-hoax lockdowns, sums up quite well exactly how the Left sees us.

Let’s put aside for a second the obvious- the blatant stealing of a national election- and think forward. Among the most important tools one can have is mindset, and the ability to rationally sum up one’s situation is the first step. Probably why its the first paragraph of an Operations Order. Half of the nation considers these people on par with Islamic terrorists which we’ve dabbled at war with for about 25-30 years now.

Average Americans- the ones I call the Mossy Oak Militia- who are the real builders of this nation, who had the most to lose in all this, and turned out in droves to support our President. We’re the enemy.

But you knew that and I don’t need to tell you much more. This is not an echo chamber of bad ideas and stating the obvious like the overwhelming majority of ‘patriot’ sites. What you probably didn’t know, or realize, is not that the power structure put its placeholder back in charge and is working on overturning the seats of Senator Thom Tillis and Senator-elect John James, which would give them the simple majority they need as per the rule change put in place by Harry Reid, but that they now are weapons-free on using all of the tools they’ve built and have the completely legal basis to use against you. Don’t tell me about a Constitution, Glenn Beck, because they don’t fear it and they don’t fear you. They can change a document or a law to suit them.

I understand many are angry, they damn well should be, and a lot of folks are probably saying things online that they otherwise wouldn’t. Hell, I canned an entire podcast in response to the election just because of this fact. But the reality is also that unless you’ve got experience fighting an insurgency, you have absolutely no idea what’s being set up to fight the one inevitably growing here at home. And it ain’t aimed at AntiFa- their support apparatus is going to get cut off. Its aimed at you.

It is not the cool-guy direct action raids. Its not bullshit shooting fast at stationary targets by wanna-bes. It is the ability to map literally every contact you’ve ever made via the internet and use AI for a predictive analysis model on targets of interest. These methods are detailed in ‘The Creepy Line’, and I suggest you watch it. China experimented with this concept first with social credit scores and then with the Covid release, and with a Chinese-backed government in charge, it’s already here. ‘Contact tracing‘ is simply the next evolution in the larger scheme.

Take Stanley McChrystal, for example. His role, after a phony public dismissal as ISAF Commander in Afghanistan, was to oversee the building of the most comprehensive social media mapping tool ever designed. Now back in power, the human terrain mapping tools will be used to collect everything you’ve ever said and who you’ve said it to on your favorite social media platforms. All of them. Ask yourself how do they stay online and who keeps the lights on and there’s your answer to anyone who’s not a mouth breather. For all of you gnawing and hand wringing about “how will we network and organize??!!??”, if cave dwellers in Yemen and Afghanistan can figure it out, why the hell can’t you? Go ahead, don’t take my word for it. Gloss over the role social media played in the so-called Arab Spring and then get back to me. If we introduced social media into these ‘denied areas’ solely to create regime change, you don’t think they also know how to use it as a weapon to suppress the same? The whole reason I started American Partisan was to create a repository of information that would be difficult to permanently silence. We have our own dedicated server and went the most expensive route possible at our own personal cost just to make it happen. It is extremely hard. Most sites, especially wordpress-based ones, are just a domain registry and the security is run by a third party. For us, its literally the guys you see writing. And we get hammered daily, which should tell you what you need to know as well.

The same think tanks that were all but shut out by President Trump are rejoicing at the newfound powers and a playground to use it. The very same agencies wearing a slim facade of objectivity over their Marxist underpinning are chomping at the bit to remove you, the enemy of progress, the Luddite wielding the wrench into a machine of what they deem as human advancement. To them, you’re not just deplorable, you’re not worthy of life. And they have all of the tools now to do whatever they want.

We also know that there is no system of justice in the United States. None. If anyone still thinks that a trial can be fair, ask anyone, regardless of political proclivity, with experience in it and you’ll have a better answer. Evidence will be manufactured and pleas will be coerced. In a nation that accepts such a level of depravity at its highest levels, would you expect any different?

Just like how they said they were going to steal the election, they’re isolating and labeling you as dissidents not worthy of life. Non-conformists. Not worthy of life. But I also know that the last time I walked in Smokey Mountain Knife Works a few weeks ago a saw a lot of good ol’boys not afraid of a fight. When I drive around my county and talk to people I’ve known my whole life, and usually not about politics, they know. It goes without saying. Mossy Oak Militia. The bottom line is this: You had four years to get ready. I have zero intention of stopping training, and I plan on training as many Patriots as I can.

They’re already at war with you. This ain’t the 1990s, its far, far worse.


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