“I attended NC Scout’s Fighting Carbine class in Oct, 2020.  Below are some tips on what to expect as well as my experience.


This class is normally kept at 10-12 which I think is ideal.  Ours was larger due to demand and the urgency given the election and political environment.  To my recollection, participants came from 7 different states:  GA, NC, VA, PA, OH, TN, AR.  Some had taken other Brushbeater classes prior to this one but for most, this was their first.  Keep in mind that this is an introductory class (IMO) so some students may show up with brand new rifles and minimal experience.  This is not a bad thing.  There were no egos and everyone was there to learn and help each other.  NC Scout is a gifted teacher and extremely patient.  Do not expect an R Lee Ermey type.  Only a few in the class had NODS/IR for the night portion but were selfless in letting others get experience in their use.  Given the current ammo situation, he was careful not to have us shoot for the sake of it but rather with a specific purpose.

What to bring:

If all you have is a rifle, 300 rds, 3 mags, & ear/eye pro, do not let that stop you from showing up.  This is literally all you need.  Do not go out and buy a bunch of gear thinking you’ll need it; you won’t.  One exception: spare parts for your rifle is never a bad idea.  In fact, this is a good opportunity to see everyone else’s setups (or try out what you do have) and get advice on what’s appropriate for your situation.    You don’t have to grow a beard, get a tattoo, or buy a shemagh….it ain’t that kind of class and we didn’t have any students who looked that part.


There are a few options here.  Most guys brought tents and camped on site at the team house/gathering spot.  This is where you meet up before and after class.  The range is about a 15-20 min drive.  The team house has 3 rooms for rent (fully furnished), all with double beds, and 1.5 bathrooms.  The 3rd option is the local motel which I can’t comment on, but it’s not a Ritz Carlton.


You are 100% on your own to make arrangements.  There’s standard fast food in town as well as a good pizza place, grocery store and sandwich shop all within about 5 minutes of the team house.  Bring a cooler and throw in drinks and food for lunch for 2 days.  Consider bringing a camp chair and anything else you think you’d need depending on the season.


Although the class size was bigger than I would have liked, it wasn’t a huge distraction.  It was good to talk with so many other like-minded Americans from so many different places.  The toughest part of the weekend was deciding which class to take next.  NC Scout is a genuine guy and sincerely wants to provide his best for those of us willing to take the time, $, and effort to improve our skills.  Do not let your inexperience or perceived lack of knowledge keep you from getting this quality training.”