November 3rd, 2020. It is a day that will live in infamy for around half of the country. Or at least around half of those who are voting. In the coming days at least 100 million Americans or more will come to the crushing realization that their entire worldview and way of life has been thoroughly repudiated by at least another 100 million Americans.

No one is quite sure what is going to happen today. We may not even know by the end of tonight, or even tomorrow. Maybe we won’t know the actual result for weeks. There are predictions on top of predictions around the web and we all know that most of them are predicting a Joe Biden victory. The mainstream media is much more guarded and cautious after what happened in 2016, but they are still predicting a win for “Sleepy Joe” nonetheless. I feel they are using skewed polling to influence the vote. I think that they also fail to factor in the “shy” Trump voters, those people who feel like they’re forced to hide their support for Donald Trump and who often refuse to speak with pollsters. Still I see many on the right, on sites like Gab, presenting clear and compelling arguments for a Trump victory, some even saying it could be a landslide. Rush Limbaugh has been saying for several days that Democrats have gone into panic mode over internal numbers that say the Hunter Biden story has had a major impact on support.

Regardless of what happens, we here at American Partisan would like to say that we are with you all, the patriots and God-fearing men and women of America. Real America. Wake up, pray to almighty God for strength, and then go vote. Encourage other patriots to vote. Give them a ride if they need it.

When the work is done and the polls are closed, go home and relax. Sit outside tonight or by a fire and sip on some bourbon or sweet tea. Your ammo should be topped off, guns cleaned, knives sharpened. Your gear should be pre-staged and your heart pre-hardened.

Pray again for strength and guidance like Washington did. We will all need it if God sees fit to give it.

I don’t pretend to be any more politically connected or informed than anyone else, but I’ve made my own maps and run through a hundred or a thousand of my own electoral scenarios, assuming the left lets the vote be counted correctly and stand on it’s own. Almost all of my scenarios seem to be running through the state of Pennsylvania, and I guess the candidates sense that as well, because they both spent the last bit of time in that state. If I was paid to make an electoral map prediction, I’m predicting each candidate to get 259, and after that I have no idea where Pennsylvania’s 20 votes will go. Someone wins the White House 279-259. That’s my outlook, for now.

The recent reports I’ve seen say that the Biden lead throughout the land has been shrinking for the past week or two and is now inside the polling margin of error in many of the “toss-up” states. This would bring me to believe that Trump will have upward momentum going into the vote itself. Common sense would lead me to believe that this will be a very close electoral race, but it’s hard to know if the information you get is any good these days.

As far as what will happen after the election is “decided”, however that occurs, it looks grim. I think we all know what sort of horrifying dystopian reality Kamala Harris (since I believe she and others like her will be calling the shots) has planned for us dissidents. We must do everything we can to prevent the “Biden Administration” from getting into the White House. If Trump wins it though, it very well may be all out 4th and 5th generational warfare. The left has been rioting and burning for most of Trump’s four years and I fully expect them to enlarge their operations (because they ARE coordinated operations) and expand them into your town. As far as they’re concerned, win or lose, we must be punished. Punished for electing Trump to begin with. Punished for defeating Hillary. Punished for being Christian, for being Conservative, for being white, for being men, for being Americans. Punished for existing.

In short, there is no peace to be had.

Is our side, whatever we are calling ourselves this week, up to this challenge? Do we love what America is supposed to be enough to risk everything to get it back? The other side is armed and angry, and they’re coming after us whether they win the election or not.

“Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves!”

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