One major problem I see with “American society” today, if there is such a thing that can be described that way, is that it’s full of people who developed their worldview while they were in high school, or shortly after in college, and spent the rest of their formative years, those being up until their early thirties, in my opinion, seeking out only information that supports that worldview, and never contradicts it.

The problem here is several things. A worldview developed during someone’s high school years or early twenties is almost certainly based upon information the individual was too naive to know was flawed. Secondly, for a person to remain psycho-socially healthy and useful to the world on both a micro (in their own family and friend circle) and macro (in their community) level, they have be able to change and adapt as new, correct, reasonable, logical information comes in. This requires them to constantly retool their character and re-calibrate that worldview. The final problem is that they are actively working to avoid changing by intentionally disregarding information that goes against their presuppositions.

This is not to say that all new information is valid. It’s certainly not. You’re just as likely to receive bad information in your thirties as you are in high school. Probably even more so, since by this time much of the information you receive comes from those who want something from you. This is also not to say that you need to make re-calibrations based on all of the valid information you learn. Much of that new information will still be pure garbage, even if it is accurate. It is necessary to resist destructive lifestyle influences. But when something comes along that is reasonable, truthful, logical, ethical, provable and useful, then it behooves you to explore it.

Another thing to be aware of is that many of these people have their worldview directly implanted into their psyche by someone else, such as a college professor. They accept this new idea wholesale and make no changes to it, and therefore are at the mercy of whatever mistakes or nefarious intentions of the person doing the implanting. This is often done intentionally for the gain of some cause. This is plainly observable in Western Civilization today. There is a violent movement of people calling themselves AntiFa, Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, and many other things. These are people who have a flawed, crystallized worldview that they are attempting to force upon the rest of society.

Nothing short of a war will stop them, and nothing done inside the confines of the “rule of law” will have a positive effect. The rules are in place to ensure that you follow them, so that you will lose to those who don’t.

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