Courtesy of DXZone, here is a free e-book titled “Capture the Magic of Six Meters”. If you are not following along at DXZone, you are missing some GREAT information. Shout out to Jim K5ND for releasing the E-Book for free – you can see his site at

Have you ever wondered about the “Magic” of Six Meters? After all, you’ve probably pressed the six meter button on your rig and failed to find any magic or even any other stations. If that’s the case, you’ve identified the “tragic” of the band. But without tragic there would be no magic.

The subtitle of this book states: average equipment + limited antennas = exceptional QSOs.

It really doesn’t take much on six meters — your existing HF+6 meter rig along with a simple antenna, even a dipole, will work. In this book you’ll find out how I know that dipoles work along with how to build one of your own.

This book will also provide plenty of insight into how you, too, can “Capture the Magic of Six Meters.” It covers propagation, equipment, software, antennas, awards and contesting, as well as assistance in finding the magic.

BTW — If you’d rather read the book online along with lots of links to additional information, you can find it at 6 Meter DXing Guide – Getting Started on the Magic Band. You can also find a presentation at Six Meter Presentation @ ARRL Learning Network. Lots of ways to get this information and get on the band.