A quick note as I enjoy a fresh (minutes old) garden salad. Like many others I put a garden in my backyard in April. I always had tomatoes, okra (I’m southern-born), and a few herbs, but this year I added lots of other vegetables, not knowing what the year would bring. At great effort I fenced in a patch with 5-foot high welded wire and T-posts, tilled it with a borrowed Wheelhorse rear-tined tiller, and placed all seeds. It was a great summer, and even now I am still getting produce. Mind you, I did re-seed for lettuce in September. It is that lettuce mixture that I am enjoying now. I love herbs, and also still have parsley, oregano (albeit drying up), basil, mint, and cilantro. I might add that it is very satisfying to grow your own food, and a nice little diversion in this crazy time we are living.