Last weekend I pulled my old but well cared for Winchester 94 (pre 64) out of the back row of the safe. Have not hunted with it in over 20 years. Got about 2 boxes of ammo so went online to stock up. Very little available and the two sources I found were $1 09.00 and $110.00 per box of 30-30! What BS, I’ll just load up a bunch. First I found that there are no quality reloading dies available now 30-30, but with a hour or so of diligent searching I found a tier 2 set. Bullets were less of a problem, but brass was not easy to find at all.Then powder, which for the hotter cartridges I plan took over 2 hours to find. Of course did not even look for large rifle primers as fortunately I keep a good stock.

So it took all afternoon to get dies and components for a Winchester 30-30! This is not the kind of gun you plink with or take to the tactical class or even use in cowboy shooting competitions. It’s a gun that sits in the back of the safe or a closet to come out for deer season and the single round it takes to convert deer to venison. Yet, ammo and reloading supplies for this old deer rifle are virtually non existent?

So if you have other calibers in your safe besides the popular ones you train with my suggestion is check your ammo supply now. And if it’s low, good luck with components and dies, but try to stock up now.


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