NOTHING is in it for people like me.
Mr. Middle America, traditional, tax-paying, non-confrontational, provider to his family. Trusting. The actual backbone of America.
(Note: no thought to correct gendering in this article. No respect for woke writing standards. No disclaimers that “While I respect.x,y.z… And we are way past apologies).
Middle American Man is evil, Mean to his daughters if he loves his Little GIrls. Demeaning to his wife if he treats her like a Lady. Horrible to his sons if he teaches them how to be Men. He is guilty of the political crimes of his ancestral people who looked like him, even if none of them  ever mistreated anyone. He serves his country, and his community. He keeps up his property. He has always worked, paid his taxes, and respected the law.
His watches Big Business thrive while his small business is ruined. He watches those above live the high life off his taxes, and those below get ‘free stuff.’ His children get no help to attend university, nor for medical expenses. He goes to court for a traffic ticket, while he watches criminals and traitors make millions off book deals.
He deserves abuse, He deserves humiliation. He deserves to be cut out, marginalized. He may NOT defend himself or risk lawsuit, persecution or actual prosecution. He must train his replacement. And most of all he must accept all this without complaint or resistance.
He votes, yet his vote is not counted. he is cheated from his proper say, but must deny that anything is out of order. He witnesses his “We Will Fight For You” politicians betray him. And he must accept this lest he be labled a crackpot, and eventually an Enemy of the State.
And he must look forward to a future in which doxing, critical race theory, legal absolution for those who burn his business is enforced by the government itself.
His role is simple: work to purchase from Big Business,  pay taxes to enrich the rich, and observe while the rich vilify him and redistribute his wealth to the underclass who hate him until the day rthey eplace him.
Bombs are riots are not necessary – those are the tools of the left.
But what if the cash cow’s milk dries up? A determined STOP! to purchase, consumption, and taxation?
How long before the coffers dry up, and the gated communities get stormed?
Does he have a choice? What does Middle American Man have to lose?
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